The Script started in 2005 when Glen joined Mark and Danny in America for some jamming. They didn’t plan to become a band but as luck would have it, they clicked so well, they never really looked back. They got signed by Steve Kipner of Phonographic in a couple months and started to work on their studio album back in Dublin.

The Script

Their eponymous first album was released on the 8th of August, 2008 in Ireland after two singles (April and July). It was number 1 in Ireland and in the UK and was in top 10 in Australia as well (peaking at number 9). It’s a multi-platinum album in Ireland, Australia and the UK. (Click for more info on the album.) TS Track list:


  • Anybody There

Written for The Guardian:

Sold to Kris Allen:

  • Live Like We’re Dying

Science and Faith

Released in 2010 The Script made Science & Faith more successful than the first album. It was number 1 album in the UK and Ireland, reached number 2 in Australia and number 3 in the US, slightly out-doing the first album. It’s multi-platinum in the UK, Ireland and Australia. (Read more about the album here and the studio work here.) science and faith cover Track list:

  • You Won’t Feel A Thing (lyrics and chart info here)
  • For The First Time (read more here)
  • Nothing
  • Science & Faith (video mentioned here, lyrics and chart info here)
  • If You Ever Come Back
  • Long Gone And Moved On
  • Dead Man Walking
  • This = Love
  • Walk Away
  • Exit Wounds (read more here)


  • Bullet From A Gun
  • Walk Away featuring B.o.B.


Penned by the band, recorded at Sphere Studios in London and produced by Danny and Mark – with fellow Irish producer Jimbo Barry also taking on production duties – it was mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent. (Read more about the album here and the studio work here.) #3 Track list:

  • Good Ol’ Days
  • Six Degrees Of Separation
  • Hall Of Fame (read more here)
  • If You Could See Me Now
  • Glowing
  • Give The Love Around
  • Broken Arrow (special lyrics edition here)
  • Kaleidoscope
  • No Words (read more here)
  • Millionaires


  • Moon Boots
  • Hurricanes

No Sound Without Silence

The fourth studio album from The Script was released in September, 2014 with successful single Superheroes released before the album as their usual routine. No Sound Without Silence is a more thoughtful and more positive album than the others before, leading it to another number 1 album in the UK and Ireland.

Read more about the album here.

no sound without silenceTracklist:

…and coming up!

The Script are said to be working on the fifth album already. danny in studio 2014

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