I’m Yours

Written by: Danny O’Donoghue

This is the only The Script song with one writer credited and one of the rare ones which can be considered as a happy love song.

Terminal 5 in NYC by arielle danny im yours emotional

About how the song was born, Danny said:

“I wrote it 4 o’clock in the morning when I was broke and drunk and all I had was my guitar.”

In Manchester, he painted a lively picture about the circumstances the songs was born in:

“Written in LA sitting at my friend’s couch, no money in my packet, no food in the fridge, all I had was me”

This setting was reflected in their homecoming show at the Aviva stadium, Dublin where a corner of the stage was built as a set with a couch and a picture on the wall.

It was not released as a single and was only played in their own headlining gigs in a low-lit setting with Danny on vocal and guitar, Ben on bass and Glen managing a guitar, a drum and supporting vocals.