We Cry

The first single of The Script that put the band on the map with their unique sound.

Written by: Andrew Frampton, Steve Kipner, Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power, Mark Sheehan

Release date for the single: April 25 2008

The song was played by many radio DJ’s , was named ‘Single of the Day’ on RTE 2FM . The single peaked at number 15 on the UK Singles Chart meaning the band had their first top 20 single in the UK. In Ireland the song performed even better, climbing to number 9, giving the first top 10 single The Script had.

The song paints a powerful picture about various characters struggling with every day life standing in the way of their dream. From teenage mums to middle-aged mums, through drug addictions it doesn’t shy away from the issues of the troubled area of Dublin where they grew up.

Danny said about the song:

“It’s about a particular street in Dublin called James Street. And about the different characters you meet walking down the street. We have a studio down there at Mark’s place. There’s loads of different stories in it. The main message behind the song is that a problem shared is a problem halved. There is lot a lot of hope in the song, cause not everybody’s life is full of hope. There’s not always roses at the end. But out of all these things that have gone wrong in our lives and everybody else’s lives, the message is ‘together we cry’. Because as long as we’re here together then we can find a way to share the burden. We all have our own problems and the light at the end of the tunnel may very well be a train. However, we’ll be okay as long as we have each other and together we cry…”.

danny we cry screenshot 2008

As Danny and Mark grew up in that area, the song shows a strong emotional bond to those stories. Mark explained:

“There were so many emotions rattling round, the songs poured out of us. We Cry came from walking down St James’s Street early in the morning, smelling Guinness from the brewery and watching girls who should have been at school pushing babies in prams. We’d walk past girls with babies called Mercedes or Diamond. You can laugh, but the reason these girls give their kids ‘expensive’ names is because they honestly believe they are giving their children a better chance in life. In no way are we looking down on them.”

band 2008 p9

Danny added that they didn’t have to make up these stories:

“We wrote this song about particular people in our lives, we just changed the names. As we were going to other places though we noticed that there’s a Jenny in each town, there’s a John Play in each town and I think people just identify with it you know. Not everybody’s all smiles all day long. There’s an undercurrent of sadness that’s going through the world right now.”

Glen also admitted that they based the song close to them:

“We all have friends like that or somebody in our family, who was doing well in music or whatever and suddenly they hit the drugs or the drinks and went the wrong way from there, became the victim or their circumstances.”

Glen with guitar 2008

The song was born based on Mark’s idea, Danny’s guitar melody and Glen’s unusual drumming choice:

Mark said: “I grew up on James Street, which for a long time was classed as one of the worst neighbourhoods for drugs and crime. I look upon them and try to offer any sort of advice – all I can say is a problem shared is a problem halved, we’re in this together. And that was how Together we cry came and when we talked about it Dan actually had the haunting guitar riff and Glen was playing on a box.”

Glen: “We were just jamming along and it’s an unusual riff to actually use brushes on me because you normally associate brushes with jazz. So to use it on this track gives it a little bit of a funky feeling.”

Danny: “It gives it a little bit of a militaristic feel.”

Mark: “That militaristic feel was great because it told that story, that walk down the street. You have to be tough to walk down there you know.”

Music video was directed by Charles Mehling.

My favourite acoustic version is them sitting around a table with a guitar and Glen’s drumstrolls.

Click here for lyrics.

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