The Script are pop-rock trio from Dublin, Ireland. Members are Danny O’Donoghue (vocals and keys), Mark Sheehan (guitar and vocals), Glen Power (drums and vocals) with touring members of Ben Sargeant on bass and Rodney Alejandro on keys. (Click on the names for more info.)

band incl ben and rod 2012 approx

The band was formed in 2005 in Los Angeles, California when Glen visited Danny and Mark who lived there at the time. They were signed by Photogenic in 2005-2006 and moved back to Dublin to record their first album. Their eponymous album was released in August, 2008 in Ireland followed up by second album Science and Faith in September, 2010 and #3 in September, 2012. The Script releases their fourth album, No Sound Without Silence in September, 2014. (Click on the album titles for more info.)

Even though The Script officially consists of Mark, Danny and Glen, they’ve a steady team around them during studio work, touring, promotion and management. More on the crew soon.

band and crew dinner

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