Mark Sheehan

A short introduction to the Dublin-born musician, producer, lead guitarist, composer and financial wizz of The Script.

The facts

Music wasn’t Mark’s first interest, it was only through dancing that he really grew into it as a teenager.

Mark found hip-hop and learnt all he could from watching MTV.

“At that time, MTV only came on in Dublin after midnight, it was the fuzzy channel, and for my generation black culture was just a wave through us all. It wasn’t about gangs and guns; it was fashion and fun, singing and dancing.” (

He did it well and at the age of 17 started teaching it at the Digges Lane performing arts school (famous for having the likes of Colin Farrell and Prince Naseem) and his classes became popular.

He started MyTown in that very same studio in 1996 with Tony Dunne, Paul Walker and Terry Daly. When Tony left the group, Mark brough in Danny who they already were friends with. After the short but intense visit to the spotlight with MyTown, our Mark and Danny decided to move to Orlando to make it as writers/producers.

“We are like brothers, we fight all the time. But it is harder for everyone else around us because we just kick it and have a pint later on and it’s all good.” (Irish Mirror, 2013 March)

It was there that Mark met his future wife, Reena.

“I was producing and working in different studios and she was a studio session singer and backing singer. And we just kind of clicked in the usual way you do.” (The Mirror, 2008 August)

They now have 3 kids.

Quotes from Mark

This is going to sound like a fucking cliché, but music has saved my life, because every time I felt like I’d nothing – at my darkest moments – I was writing songs about that.

mark quote all i had was music

“When you start poking your head up you become a target. One of the criticisms is that we are ‘slick’ . Well, excuse us for learning to be good producers. Would you rather our records sounded terrible? The clue is in the word. We ‘produce’ — we don’t ‘reduce’.”

mark quote opinions

“On first listen, the subject matter might sound bleak. But I think being Irish there is this undertone of hope all the time. It’s about having coping skills to get over things. With Irish people, no matter how bad things get, you always pick yourself up and carry on.”

mark emotional music


3 thoughts on “Mark Sheehan

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  2. Reading your short bio mark your an inspiration to me your music the lyrics are so beautiful to listen to whatever mood I am in.the band I have found I can relate to so greatly not a song I do not lie an that’s very rare so Thanku guys for being my life saver 💚✌

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