Dublin in The Script’s footsteps

Welcome to the ultimate walking tour of #TheScriptFamily: see this beautiful city all in its truth and glory, learn about its history and The Script and their members, Glen Power, Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue fit into it.

I’ve organised this walk to celebrate The Script’s big milestone, the gig in Croke Park that’s bringing along so many of you from outside of the country. As an immigrant myself I know how quickly Dublin can take you in and make you feel like home and I wanted to show you the sides of the city that might escape your attention. What better way to do that than to visit some of the places that have shaped our favourite band into the men and the friends they are today.

band laughing 2

How to do the walk?

It’s not just a walk but a game as well so you won’t have a map or route at your disposal. (Feel free to bring along any city map you wish though.) Once you solve a task at your current “station” you’ll unlock the description of how to get to the next.

You can do the walk at any time, going to as many or as few places as you’d like. We’re doing the tour together 3 times during the weekend so if you’ve your pre-paid ticket (supporting Headway Ireland) you can join us. (More info in your email.)

You can use any tools at your disposal of course: google, tour books or call a friend 🙂 I’ve tried to create a scavenger hunt that’s exciting and challenging, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

danny funny dance

Unlock the meeting point

Go to Heuston station.

We start off in a place that The Script’s first single was inspired by. It’s the area where Mark grew up, and has always been marked with the controversy of great poverty and great art. Always a bit revolutionary in spirit, the name represents being the only part of Dublin to be free of the laws of the city by existing outside its old medieval walls.

Not far from the station find the place where 3 streets meet.

  1. To find the name of the first street finish the line: “Would you stand in disgrace or take a __________”
  2. The name of the second street is the official first name of Jimbo Barry, the producer who has been working with the lads on #3 and NSWS. He’s also working with Colton.
  3. To find the name of the third street think back to The Voice UK and the “legend” that sat next to Danny.

Combine the FIRST LETTERS of each of the three names. Those 3 letters (in all caps) will unlock your task here.

For example IF the answers were 
   Grafton street, 
   O'Connell street, 
   Tara street 
(they're most definitely not the right answers, mind you) 
your password to unlock the next task would be: 
GOT = the first letters from each answer in capital letters. 
Note: wordpress doesn't accept the answer in small letters 
ie. got or Got will NOT unlock the page.

Click here to type in the 3 letters from the right answer. See you there!


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