Not Just a Band

The Script’s Other Projects

You’d think that being in the band is all The Script members are doing. After all it’s not easy or part-time job. But Mark, Danny and Glen like to stay even busier with their love projects.

Writing for others

Since they worked as song-writers at one time in their careers, it’s no surprise that they still write music and lyrics for other musicians, from Guetta to Ella Henderson.

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The Rock n Roll Diaries


Edit by Julee

Is it a book of fiction or is this band real? They’re in a book for sure but there’s real music from them. How’s that possible, I was mulling over this as I checked their music and the book and back again. It took me a while to nail down who The Rockateers were.

It’s a cool mix between reality and fiction thanks to the cooperation of Jamie Scallion, the writer of the book, with Mark and Danny. Featuring 4 youngsters starting a band, it’s all about those heightened emotions of teenage life, spots and baby faces, love and sexuality, talent and confidence.

Read more about the book and the music here . 


Colton Avery

The Script were open to the idea of managing another musician before. Their almost 20 years of experience in the music industry, working through the ups and downs of this fickle thing, certainly equipped them for such an endeavour. It hasn’t happened until Colton came around though: the perfect example of being at the right place at the right time for both parties, I believe.

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