Book 1: Making It

The story of The Rockateers, a teenage rock band in England, starts with a girl of course. Burt decides to win Bex’s heart by being the lead singer of the best band in the world.


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I’ll let the amazing Ivanna tell you the rest:

From the very beginning this engaging and comical read will capture your heart and imagination, make you fall in love with the characters and submerge yourself in the world of being part of the excitement of something special.

The first in a collection of books detailing the trials and tribulations of an unlikely group of young bucks told from a quadruple perspective from conception to creation of a rock band….

Prepare to be catapulted into the lives and minds of four teenage guys, a rock band made up of ‘A Winner, A loser, A leader and A Loner’
Burt – The good looking rich kid who’s an undisputed poser and self appointed lead singer.
Egg – Categorised as the school ‘Geek’, but Egg has a valuable plethora of musical prowess… music isn’t just his passion… it’s his life
Tea – A fierce Fender Bass player, the one thing he takes seriously and taught by his Father.
Clipper – Captain of the school footie team and ‘Daddy of the school’, a drummer with a secret that’s kept well under wraps.
Bex – The hottest girl in school, with the additional bonus of highly desirable ‘assets’; whose presence induces rapid beating hearts and clumsy reactions to some, whilst others chase her to countless rejections. 

But who is going to win the heart of the schools hottest hunni? 

Does this group of lads have what it takes to form a great rock band and be good enough to get signed?

This band doesn’t desire just to ‘make it’ and take over the national… sights are set sky high, they strive to be the biggest, the best and are purely seeking World domination.

A unique project idea merging a literary fest with original music that has been implemented to reality with sheer perfection…. whether you’re a book lover, music lover or for those to reminisce over personal experiences during their pubescent raging hormone school years of being in a band or who wished they had been… The multi-talented author Jamie Scallion has created a brilliantly executed, exhilarating and captivating read which satisfies a limitless age audience…. the creative storyline is just perfect and primed for film production…. Roll over ‘Rowling’ there’s a Rockin ‘Scallion’ in town.


Edit by Jane

I was so engrossed it felt like I’d finished reading in a trice, but lucky for me it’s safely nestled within my mobly device, ready at any time to re-live and immerse myself in The RockAteers life…

It is with bated breath that I regrettably and patiently have to wait for the deliverance of poetic justice for the second book in the collection.

With the added opportunity to join the rapid growing number of followers immersing yourself in the world of ‘The RockAteers‘ you can even listen to the Demo of original music too and be a part of the newest rock band whose one mission is: 
‘To be the biggest band on the planet’
Live it – Love it – You won’t regret it

Thank you Ivanna for sharing this great review with us!

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