Book 2: Having It

The second part of the Rock ‘n Roll Diaries was published in February 2016 and shows us what adventures The Rockateers get themselves into after “Making It”.


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I’ll give the word over to our rollicking Sammi who has read the book with no delay.

I started this book today, sat outside in a soggy damp smoking shelter at work, munching on a Cheddar and Tomato croissant and drinking a huge bottle of water (so that my insides were as soaked as my exterior). I managed to cram three chapters (or songs as they are labelled in the book) into around 47 minutes and I went back into work slightly narked that I hadn’t taken Sir Scallymeister up on his offer of emailing the boss and asking them to give me the day off to read this masterpiece (I work in a cafe. If people don’t get their coffee, the proverbial hits the fan… Which there are none of in our kitchen, it’s literally an oven). By the time 5pm rolled around I was literally itching at the bit to get myself home, throw on the Jammies and have a good old ‘read until your left eye squints and you need a shot of JD to put you right’ session. I settled myself on the sofa at approximately 6.30, after doing all the womanly housework chores, making dinner etc. It is now 9.15 and I can proudly say I have smashed The Rock n Roll Diaries: Having It’s back doors in.

This book is without a doubt even more hilarious than the first. The insults are top notch, the cheeky little ‘Jet O’Lared’ anagram had me chuckling for a good three minutes and the fact that there is a female character called Sam gets a solid thumbs up from me. From the inter-band drama, to Jack ‘Burt’ Skill’s mess-ups, Scallion has nailed the lingo and characteristics of males and females alike in the awkward not-quite-an-adult-still-want-to-be-a-child phase of existence.

The introduction of the new characters was as smooth as a dolphin, with the fantastically evil Lenny being depicted as the villain the story craves. As the lads go through various highs, issues involving love and lust, and the realisation that maybe being in a kick ass rock bank isn’t all it’s made up to be, this incredible second instalment of the Rock N Roll Diaries will have you laughing like oompa-loompas are doing the Charleston on your small intestine.

A straight up 10.


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Thanks Sammi for sharing this hilarious review with us! It’s as good as the book which you can get on Amazon as a paperback and/or as an e-book. If you use the link on this page to purchase it, you’ll also support my blog with a small percentage.

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