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Who are The RockAteers?

Courtenay, our reviewer put it this way:

The RockAteers are made up of the most unlikely group of 4 teenage guys to ever coexist together and yet somehow their individual personalities combine to form a profound debut EP full of thought-provoking lyrics and driving melodies that will keep you wanting more.

The fictional band, made up of characters in Jamie Scallion’s book, The Rock ‘n Roll Diaries series was brought to life by Jamie, Danny, Mark and Jimbo Barry. It wasn’t only a marketing tool though, it defined their whole approach. This is what Jamie said in 2013 about this:

I saw it very much as a choice between traditional publishing and some kind of enhanced self-publishing. By applying the same ethos ‘The Script’ lived by I felt sure the books would have a good chance. Decision made, we started to work up a model that concentrated on using talented friends to help build the book and design the world it would live in. The tour bus became our office. Our shop front would be the World Wide Web. We wanted to harness the power of social media to create the buzz. Despite Mark and Danny being behind it we didn’t want to over use ‘The Script’s’ clout to gain superficial followers. We wanted to engage people, to get people reading sample chapters, listening to excerpts of the songs we had written. We were meticulous in our plans. Our mantras were “don’t run before we can walk” and “if we don’t know something, let’s ask someone who does”. (Source)

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So far there are 3 EP’s accompanying the books, all with a unique blend of harmonies.

The Rockateers EP (2013)

Review by: Courtenay


  • Satellites
  • Bet On You
  • Love & War

Check lyrics here.

The piano-driven ballad Satellites is one of those songs any one of us can relate to if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to love another. All of us have an intense desire to be loved and nurtured and to provide that same level of passion for someone else. The RockAteers appeal to this innate desire for tangible true love in emotionally-charged lyrics.

In world that’s sometimes hard to find the beauty in our day-to-day surroundings, this song is relatable in that we all just want a tangible love that will get us through all the good, all the bad – a passionate love to fill our world with hope and give us a reason to keep fighting one day at a time.

Love & War

When it comes to love, there are no boundaries; no limits. There are no hard and fast rules to abide by. In life there are two areas in which we should be forgiven for our actions; love and war. The RockAteers remind us that all is fair when it comes to waging war to fight for true love. When we fully embrace the devotion we have for someone, all bets are off. We wage war with ourselves and possibly others to fight for this true love and nothing should get in the way of that. The lyrics and melody appeal to our deep-seeded desire to stop at nothing to obtain a life full of happiness, hopes, and dreams with the person we want to passionately do life with.

Bet On You

The upbeat track “Bet on You” keeps us moving right from the very first note. Along the same lines of “all is fair in love and war,” this is a fierce song from the perspective of a jilted lover; this one really sticks it to the ex. As the RockAteers have proven to us, we have a deep-seeded desire to be loved and rules don’t apply when it comes to leaving it all out there for those we care about. In the end, there’s no greater sense of pain than if love comes to an end. We take a risk every single time we place our hearts in the hands of someone else.

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I found myself literally dancing around my house at midnight to this song. You can’t help but move your bum to it. Thankfully, on a subject that can be hard to come to terms with, the RockAteers provide us with a sense of hope we will live to love another day.

Making It sessions (2015)

Review by: Sammi

< Tracklist :

  • Crash & Burn
  • Hold Me There
  • Satellites
  • Love & War

Check lyrics here.

Crash and Burn

From the haunting piano melody to the chilled out guitar, you’d be forgiven for thinking Coldplay’s Clocks and Gary Jules’ Mad World had gotten their freak on and produced this soulful little Indie baby. A beautifully mellow track, Crash and Burn is the perfect song for that person who always brings their guitar to the campfire.

Love and War

A heartfelt Pop song about break ups, this pounds with all the grace of a three-legged hippo. The song that my pre-teen self would have been bouncing on my bed screaming at the top of my lungs. Keep an ear out for the Tina Turner-esque solo…

Hold Me There

When I close my eyes whilst listening to this track, I am immediately transported back to the beaches in Cornwall. It’s the black and white flickering movie of the EP. It’s the girl sat on the sea wall in the one shoulder jumper and the killer smile, watching the waves drift in and out. The lyrics are beautiful, the slow drawl makes you feel at ease. The perfect musical accompaniment to that rom-com montage scene.



If The Rocketeers bought out music videos, this would be the live show one. The one where they rock the shit out of the stage, the adoring fans in tears waving their hands, the smashing up of guitars and kick drums.. With a solid drum beat and impressive guitar shreds, this is the stand out track for me. Fellas, if you want my Sky dish, fag butts and wrinkles, they’re yours…

The Rocketeers: Making It Sessions are a collection of kick ass songs perfect for any of life’s little moments. My only slight criticism would be that my listening pleasure is cut off faster than a chicken pegging it from the Colonel, due to the short supply of choonage.

The Making It Sessions smells like roses (cigarettes, leather and alcohol too), even though it’s full of it. Rock n Roll, that is.

Having It sessions (2016)

Review by: Kirsty

Tracklist :

  • True Love’s Arrow
  • Home
  • Shelter
  • Fall From Grace

Check lyrics here.

Having previously purchased and thoroughly enjoyed the “Making it” sessions EP, I was keen to hear the second EP, the “Having It” sessions, to see how the band’s sound had developed since book one. Safe to say I was not disappointed- Jamie, Danny and Mark are song writing geniuses and have, yet again produced a fantastically catchy set of tunes which stand alone as great songs in their own right, even if you haven’t read the books (and if you haven’t then you should !!) they were written to accompany.


The first song on the EP, and a bit of a rock anthem style track, is probably my personal favourite, it is a real uplifting, belting, anthemic tune which I can definitely imagine an entire crowd bouncing and singing along to at a gig!


The second track is again, an absolute cracker- a real gem of a track, strong and powerful with so much feeling in the lyrics. You’ll find yourself singing along to it in no time!

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The other two tracks on the EP, ‘True Love’s Arrow’ and ‘ Fall From Grace’ don’t disappoint either- these have a slower, more ballady feel, again extremely well written songs with very meaningful lyrics.

So in short, 4 epic tunes- the boys done good….can’t wait for the next instalment!

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