Rewards of #TheScriptChallenge

Of course we’ll all be rewarded by taking part in the challenge, creating something new and seeing all the submissions from others. But still, I thought I’d give you guys some extra thank you gifts as well, coz I’m nice like that 🙂

Weekly reward

From the artistic submissions every week I’ll randomly choose one lucky winner who will get a small fridge magnet to remind you how great you are. I want to make it random because I don’t like competitions. I feel strongly about this: none of you is better than the other. If you take the time to make something that comes from your heart, it doesn’t matter how many likes, favourites, RTs, votes you get. Your only worry is to make something that rings true to you. Nothing else matters.the script bible challenge magnet bigger

Monthly reward

For those who stick around and come back regularly, I’d like to offer a special gift: if you do all songs in a month, you’re automatically going to get a special gift, announcing you as “Master of The Script Bible Challenge”.

In August the gift was a keyring, in September it’s a poster.

The 10 milestone

Even better, once you’ve done 10 submissions (any time during the challenge so it doesn’t matter if you miss weeks in between) you’ll get your art (or any art of your choice) as a wall canvas or a mug. You’ll be able to choose which one.

The marathoners

I hope some of you will be hardcore enough to participate all year long. (I hope I will be hardcore enough to do so! lol) At the end of the challenge we’re going to make a book of the regular submissions only: that is everyone who’s done at least 44 submissions out of the 50. You will get the book free of charge so that you can proudly display it on your shelf saying, “I did it. I did something with my talent this year and look how great it turned out to be!”

More info on the challenge, guidelines and schedule here.

Any questions, let me know!




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