Scripty advent: December 10, 2014

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As it’s the 10th today, let’s quickly look at the tenth song on each album.

I’m Yours

This is the only The Script song with one writer credited and one of the rare ones which can be considered as a happy love song.


Exit Wounds

“We called it Exit Wounds because we had this idea that when a person enters your life, they enter at a really small point (metaphorically speaking of course) and when they leave it generally leaves a gaping wound”

I know it’s not the full song but just loved the dance choreography.


The only track of this list that was released as a single. Music video was directed by Paul Banks who also shot If You Could See Me Now with the lads earlier.

Without Those Songs

It was written after a visit to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and is The Script’s hymn to the power of classic songs, and of classic songwriters.

Love this video, absolutely stunning. Well done Des!

And what do you know, all 4 songs have the word “heart” in it 🙂

track 10s v2 heartsWhich one of these is your favourite?

Enjoy this little selection.




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