Scripty advent: December 13, 2014

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13 is generally considered an unlucky number, even in recent years the floor 13 is missing from most Northern American buildings. (I haven’t seen the same repulsion in Europe but sure it might come lol.) The Script could consider themselves lucky with all the success they’ve achieved since their first album. But it was also down to a lot of hard work, a lot of persistence.

When the first album went to number 1 The Script were at V-fest.

“The best part was that there ten thousand people to experience that moment with us. Hand on my heart I can say that was the best moment of my entire life. It’s gonna be Christmas for the rest of the year, I mean me and the lads, we’ve been doing this for a long time. All the physical things we’ve been giving up and a lot of things for our dream, it just makes everything worthwhile.” (Danny) (Radio 1 Chart Show, 2008 August)




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