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Mark and Music

Without a musical family background, Mark grew into music differently than his band members. Music wasn’t his first interest, and it was only through dancing that he really grew into it as a teenager.

“I had a good family behind me to kick my arse into place. But where I grew up, you dabble pretty much in all the stupid stuff, you know? Across the spectrum. Go wherever you want, you know? Really stupid shit. You do these things as a teenager. You make your mistakes. You try stuff. This is going to sound like a fucking cliché, but music has saved my life, because every time I felt like I’d nothing – at my darkest moments – I was writing songs about that. I like to say my interest in music was an accident! The condom broke in the music industry when I was growing up (laughs). I had no interest in music, I was more into arts and crafts. So I was about 15 when I got involved in music – in the fun side of it: dancing and singing.”

Mark found hip-hop and learnt all he could from watching MTV. “At that time, MTV only came on in Dublin after midnight, it was the fuzzy channel, and for my generation black culture was just a wave through us all. It wasn’t about gangs and guns; it was fashion and fun, singing and dancing.”

He did it well and at the age of 17 started teaching it at the Digges Lane performing arts school (famous for having the likes of Colin Farrell and Prince Naseem) and his classes became popular.

“Mark was rolling in it at a very young age. He has always been a businessman” explained Danny. Mark denotes his business skills to the area where he grew up:

“I think whatever industry you put me into I’d be seriously good at. I’d be an amazing junkie or an amazing fucking criminal. But this is the point: put me in this industry and this is why I’m really good at it – because kids from those areas are sharp as fucking nails. They’ve got a great business sense. It’s unfortunate that they direct that into the wrong thing sometimes.”

It was in the dance studio that he met not only Danny but the other two future members of their band, MyTown.

Edit by Melinda

Edit by Melinda



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