Scripty advent: December 17, 2014

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Today’s surprise gift is a list of my favourite quotes from the band about each of the albums.

The Script

“There is a whole lifetime in these songs. We don’t write them in ten minutes. A song takes nurturing, it is an evolving thing. This is a journey, we are in constant change, constant motion. I can’t ever put my finger on what exactly The Script is, I don’t even think I should, all I know is that it is something that touches me deep inside, and seems to touch other people when we play.” (Mark)

More on the album here.

Mark about first album

Science & Faith

“I’m just so excited about this record,” declared Danny. “We are more confident about our sound, so you really want to fine tune your writing skills. Find the essence of what we do, songs that mean something, that people would like to sing out loud at a concert.”

Danny about SF


“They may not be the right things to say but you just have the confidence to own up. And I think that is what is on this album more than before as I think we have always second-guessed how people were going to perceive these songs. I guess over the course people have just loved our honesty and our song-writing and that is something that we never ever shied away from with this album we just wanted to be completely honest and open as a book. I think that is really the only way that people will accept you as a person as there are so many people trying to be pretentious. They are literally trying to be everything that they are not by covering their eyes with shades they are wearing hats and so on to try and cover the fact that they don’t have any self-confidence. In music you have to confident in the fact that you are unconfident.” (Danny)

danny about 3 all

No Sound Without Silence

“The sound is the music to us, and then the living would be the silence, so you need to experience the silence in order to make the sounds.” (Danny)

“The first step in the process is to live life for a minute and write about things that you can totally relate to. ” (Mark)

“If the heart’s not in it you can’t give a performance that will evoke something real in somebody else.” (Glen)

More on the album here.



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