Scripty advent: The Script Bible in numbers

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Writing about The Script has combined my many passions: music, Ireland, research, blogging, social media, creative non-fiction and more. It’s a work in progress that I enjoy every step of the way.

My dream? To share stories of The Script with everyone in The Script Family, to get to know the music industry through their example, to showcase all the team effort around their work and ultimately, to talk to the lads about what their songs mean to them. It might never happen but as long as I enjoy the process, I’ll be here.

You know how much I love numbers, so here it is, The Script Bible stats:

  • 16 months
  • 251 posts & pages
  • 42 thousand views
  • 63 thousand words
  • 330 book pages
  • 650 referred quotes
  • 234 different sources
  • uncountable blessings from all of you who came, read, commented – can never tell you how often it was the only light in my dark little head.

The Script might never know this collection exists but these stories aren’t for them anyway. They’re for you. So big thanks for being here.


2014 tsb summary for xmas


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