Scripty advent: My “For The First Time”

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Continuing with looking back at 2014 in the life of The Script Bible (have you seen those amazing numbers I shared yesterday?) today I’d like to thank you for all the firsts I got to do this year because of this blog.


The first album launch

Since I only heard The Script first in 2013, No Sound Without Silence was the first album I’ve ever had the chance to experience first hand from the very first teasers. It was very exciting!

No Sound Without Silence – the songs and their stories

Replays of interviews from #Superheroes radio launch day

capital fm interview singing screenshot 2014 band

The first post series: The Script in studios

When I set out to write The Script Bible it was with the idea of showing how the songs are born, looking a bit behind those curtains that separate us “normal” people from the magicians, err, musicians. To be able to write about where The Script albums were written was one of those things that achieved this.

Check the series out here.

The first A to Z posts

Back in the summer of 2013 The Script Bible’s idea came from a conversation about The Script-related topics based on the alphabet. It took a while but with the gentle push of a blog challenge in April the A to Z list from Adele to the Zone looks quite decent.

The first bio page

A fan page about a band can’t be complete without the bios of the band members but I took a unique spin on it. Here’s Glen Power, from the child musician to the multi-instrumentalist of The Script. (And yes, others are coming up soon. You just wait! 🙂 )

The first The Script gigs

2014 was the year when I first got to experience the magic that is The Script live. Gibraltar, Hamburg, Dublin and London. All very special memories that I’ll never forget.

Gibraltar, 2014




Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

London, Capital JBB

London, Capital JBB


The first interview

Writing about music without being a musician (or even without being with a musician lol) can get hard sometimes. The best source is always the most direct one so I was over the moon when I got the chance to ask a couple questions of Walking on Cars, an amazing Irish band who supported The Script in September in Amsterdam, Dublin and Hamburg. They’re an amazing bunch, check the interview here.

Your turn!

Did you have any The Script-related firsts this year? Would love to know what it was!




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