Scripty advent: posts from 2014 I don’t want you to miss

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There were a lot of interesting things happening here on the blog if I may say so myself and here are 6 series I’m most proud of.

The Top 12 Countdowns

adventsquare12It’s no secret that I’ve this strange love affair with numbers. (I work in data analysis so it comes with the job lol) So I took the total number of Spotify streams, Youtube views and single charts to look at the 12 most successful songs in each category. Do you know which song is the most streamed or had the most views on youtube or was the most successful single before No Sound Without Silence? Check the series out, you’ll also find some interesting bits about how the videos were made, what the songs mean or what the actual lyrics are.

The Script Alphabet Collection

There are some special phrases, words, names that have a very specific meaning in our corner of existence. (Huhh, let’s not got philosophical! 🙂 ) Adele, Ben, No Words, Stay, Venice Beach, We Cry are just a couple examples. Check them all here.

The Script Family Around The World

around the worldThis was one of my favourite things from 2014: to get to know a lot of you a lot better. Here are those interviews we did in writing with some of you, time to get your nostalgic hat on! 🙂

The Script in Studio

I have never been in a studio before. How do bands work, what do they do there day in, day out, I’ve no first hand experience about so it was a lot of fun to research where The Script wrote their songs and how they work there. Check the series out about the four albums, from Venice Beach to Temple Bar.

The Talent Corner

It’s not secret that The Script Family is a totally amazing bunch. So much talent here, I get seriously jealous from time to time. There it is, still a work in progress but a great showcase of the many talents you’ve got. Read them all here.

The first band interview

walking on carsIt’s not a series (yet) but it was such an important milestone, I can’t leave it out: the first time ever I got to interview a band. Check out this lovely band, Walking On Cars who supported The Script in September, 2014.

Did you have a favourite?

What was your favourite moment with The Script Bible in 2014? I’d totally love to know so drop us a line!





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