Week 2 of our scripty advent

Christmas Cheer Advent_Artboard 1How is it the middle of December already? Only 9 days till Christmas and 2 weeks left of 2014. Scary!

But instead of mulling over how time flies, let’s just recap our advent posts. I’d love to know which one was your favourite so that I can give more of that type in the (scarily close) future 🙂

The Script at Capital JBB

Recap of the evening in a podcast

Dedicate yourself

A wee motivation before the year ends (have I mentioned how close that is?!)

The 10th

Videos for the 10th track on each album: live, dance, official, lyric


Six years ago today: a major event

The 12th letter

Guess what’s The Script songs are filled with…

Hard work

On the excuse of this unlucky number here’s a quote from Danny about how they felt when the first album got to number 1


Six years ago and four years ago – a personal and a national significance

Thank you all for reading the posts of the second week! Which one was your favourite?





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