Week 3 of our scripty advent

Recap of what went on this week:

Mark and Music

Starting out with art, Mark started dancing and singing when he was 15. What happened next? Check out here.

Vote for The Script

No Sound Without Silence is nominated for #TheErics (Irish Entertainment Awards) and it’s up to your vote if they’ll get it so vote here up to 10 times a day.

What does The Script say about the albums

Here’s a quote about each album from Mark, Danny and Glen.

Christmas headers

Enjoy these headers you can use on facebook or twitter.

One of the hardest working bands in the world

2014 touring in numbersMeetup with #TheScriptFamily in Dublin

Celebrating The Script and all of you coming to Dublin to see them play to more than 80 thousand people in Croke Park in June 2015, we’ll organise a meetup. It’s up to you what would it look like so please check out these ideas and let me know what you like the best! Fill in the form here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts of this week, there’s only 4 more left 🙂




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