#6: The Friends

The Script’s biggest advantage is their close friendship. Mark and Danny have known each other since their teenage years but Glen fits with them perfectly:

“It was like I found my home playing with these guys. I had never had a chance with any other band to express myself with such freedom.”

Their friendly, cooperative style is not only within the band but around it as well. You’d find it hard to see anyone who has worked with them previously saying anything but “they’re the nicest people ever”. It doesn’t come as a surprise that their fanbase is mostly genuine, friendly, caring people. (Looking at you, kid! 🙂 )

So today’s prize is a place on the brand new list, “Friends of The Script Bible” and the story of how the lads started The Script.

All you need to do is to answer the question:

There’s a song about a special friend. How does the band refer to it?

Click here to use the answer as your password to unlock the prizes. (Tip: use all lower case.)

Good luck!




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