#7: The city

Numbers are magic and even though they say statistics can tell all kinds of lies if you want them to, I love playing around with them. So for my entertainment here’s a couple of numbers related to The Script:

  • the first album had 5, the second and third album 4 singles
  • 5 of them were number 10 in Ireland, 3 of them in number 5 in the UK
  • they had at least 377 gigs since 2008
  • the busiest months are March, August and September
  • all albums are plus/minus 2 minutes the 40-minute-length the music industry considers standard
  • the words per album almost doubled: while the first album had approx. 3000 words in the lyrics, the third had more than 5700

Now you know 🙂 (Might come handy in a crazy pub quiz?) Anyways, they played in almost 160 cities since 2008 and I’m sure you can guess the SECOND most frequented city during those 5 years.

When you do, click here and use all lower caps to unlock your 7th entry to the calendar-ruffle and to be able to read some more details about the first album.

Good luck,



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