The Challenge tasks

The Script Bible Challenge is my way to celebrate The Script, their journey and achievements so far, as we’re waiting for their big thing.That’s why the Grand Prize is a special calendar that doesn’t only contain edits of the lads but also marks their main milestones from the last 5 years.

It’s all about the fun so I hope you’ll enjoy solving the tasks as much as I enjoyed creating them!

  1. Jan 6: The birthday number
  2. Jan 10: The charity
  3. Jan 15: The single
  4. Jan 19: The shoutout
  5. Jan 22: The connections
  6. Jan 24: The friends
  7. Jan 27: The city

+ the last one: Jan 31: The birthplace

Additional challenges (all optional):

+ The Daily Extras during the last week:

8. Jan 28
9. Jan 29
10. Jan 30

If you’re enjoying the game, give us a shoutout, share it on twitter, facebook, G+ or on the street 🙂 (There are handy buttons below…)




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