#TheScriptBibleChallenge: Task #1

Welcome to the first week #TheScriptBibleChallenge! 5 weeks till December, 5 tasks for you to perform in order to win a limited edition calendar in the topic of The Script’s Dublin. It has photos of the guys and of places in Dublin that have special meanings in their journey as musicians: from Digges Lane to the Sugar Club, from James’s Street to Dublin Castle.

ex 00 coverThe first week is about facebook so all you need to do is to share The Script’s page on twitter or on facebook. Click here to ask your twitter followers to follow The Script on facebook.(You can of course change the text in any which way you want, just keep the hashtag, #TheScriptBibleChallenge in your tweet.) 

The Script Bible’s facebook page also appreciates a shoutout from you all 🙂 Here’s your handy tweet to do just that, but of course the text is up to you!

Fill in below if you’ve done it so you can collect your first points of the challenge!

Extra point if you unlock a special story about The Script’s beginnings!

If you’d like to read an exclusive script-story about the early years of the lads, you’ll need a password.

Which country was the video of Superheroes shot in?

Type your answer here and you can collect an extra point in the challenge before you read the story. Tip: the answer has to be grammatically collect.

The hardcore challenge

If you’d like to test yourself further and earn “The Most Hardcore Fan” title, I’ve designed a very special treasure hunt for you starting now. The person earning the highest points in this part of the game will get an official merchandise up to the value of £20! (Winner’s choice.) It’s not gonna be easy but it’s gonna be the most fun 🙂

You will need to sign up for that challenge as tasks will ONLY be sent out in an email, you won’t find them online! So click here to sign up.




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