#TheScriptBibleChallenge: Task #3

How quickly did we arrive to the midpoint of the challenge! Fear not, if you haven’t done tasks #1 and 2, you can still do them until the challenge lasts. Click here for week 1 and here for week 2. And if you’d like to know how you’re doing compared to the others, check out the leaderboard here. Don’t forget, every point counts as an entry to the raffle to win the calendar!

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I’m very proud of the story I’ve put together about Mark and Danny in America before The Script so you will wanna check it out 🙂 But before we go there, I’ve a personal favour to ask: I’d like toget some feedback on the script bible.

What’s your favourite thing about the account?

Tweet here: “My fav thing about @thescriptbible is that…” (fill in the blank)

What would you like to see more of on the twitter account?

Tweet here: “I’d like to see more of…” (finish the sentence)

Apart from the challenge, what do you like the most about the blog itself?

Tweet here: “I like @thescriptbible’s blog because…” (whatever you think).

Optional: if you’d like to give a shoutout to the lads to come and see their blog, I’d certainly appreciate it a lot.

Tweet it here: “@thescript: check out this blog from @thescriptbible, it’s all about stories about your songs, your music & career” (Feel free to change it in any which way you want.)

When you’re done, collect your points here:

Extra point if you unlock a special story about The Script’s beginnings!

If you’d like to read the exclusive script-story about the years Danny and Mark spent in the USA, you’ll need a password. The password is the answer to this question:

What was the last band that supported The Script in Ireland?

Type your answer here and you can collect an extra point in the challenge before you read the story.

Tip: no capital letters but use the space where it’s necessary, e.g. “american authors” (which is obviously not the correct answer lol)

The hardcore challenge

v2If you’d like to test yourself further and earn “The Most Hardcore Fan” title, I’ve designed a very special treasure hunt for you. The person earning the highest points in this part of the game will get an official merchandise up to the value of £20! (Winner’s choice.) It’s not gonna be easy but it’s gonna be the most fun.

The participants of the hardcore challenge will also have their own raffle for another calendar: The Script’s Dublin.

You will need to sign up for that challenge as tasks will ONLY be sent out in an email, you won’t find them online! So click here to sign up.




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