Hardcore challenge, week 3

Throughout the week (including today) I posted 5 pictures with the hashtag #TheScriptBibleChallenge. The first 4 contained numbers as clues, today’s pictures had a clue for a song relating to those numbers. (If you missed the pictures, don’t worry, I’m reposting them today in the original order but you can always find them if you click on the hashtag above.)

CaptureThe numbers combined in original the order will give you a date, the last clue will give you a song that was released on that date.


  • The numbers might be hidden in the picture like the number 4 here or might be the number of things on the picture (like the 4 hearts here).
  • All numbers you’ll need to find are higher than 5 and lower than 25.
  • All numbers are even numbers.
  • Two numbers are the same.

As a reminder here are all the pictures in reverse order (ie from the fifth to the first one) – you’ll need to find them with the hashtag #TheScriptBibleChallenge here for a better view.

Screenshots_2014-11-16-15-12-29Good luck!




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