#TheScriptBibleChallenge: Task #4

How time flies, it’s the one but last week in November! The one but last task in #TheScriptBibleChallenge! I’ll miss you all when you won’t come here for the game but please come back here for the craic! 🙂 But before we get all teary and melancholic, let’s jump right in: there’s no good in goodbye so we’re not saying goodbye yet! We’re celebrating The Script’s new single, may it go as far as number 1!

Danny said that “:“No Good in Goodbye” is about all the sayings in the world that actually don’t mean what they say,” but when we say we LOVE this track, we totally mean it. It reminds me of Breakeven with its clever spin on some cliches and the melody that’s destined to be sung out loud at the upcoming gigs.

But the real question is: what do YOU think of No Good In Goodbye and what will you do to get it to number 1 🙂

Listen to it on Spotify and share when you do!

Unlike Taylor Swift, The Script have all their songs on Spotify and the more you listen to them, the more they climb not only the Spotify but also the official charts. So click for a listen of No Good in Goodbye and go back as often as you can!

It also helps if you tweet about having listened to the track, here’s an example tweet with the link. Note the hashtags that Billboard is using for its chart: #np, #nowplaying.

Watch it on youtube and keep sharing it

At the time of writing this there’s no word on the official video but we expect it very soon. In the meantime keep playing the lyric video which is really awesome as well!

Don’t forget to share it whenever you get a chance, remember to add #np or #nowplaying. Click here for a pre-written tweet.

Share your favourite lyrics, edits

There are lots of edits going around with No Good In Goodbye, it seemed to have inspired lots of artistic fans. Create your own, share what they’ve made, or just tweet your favourite lyrics with the hashtag #np or #nowplaying. (Here’s a handy pre-written tweet for ya.)

If you make your own edits, you might as well send it The Script Quotes on twitter using hashtags #NoGoodInGoodbye and #np. Mel and Rux have a contest for No Good In Goodbye edits and who wouldn’t want to win one of their edits? More details on their contest here.

Request the song from the radios

With all the digital outlets radios still influence our listening preferences a lot. So to give the pleasure of listening to No Good In Goodbye to other folks, check out this radio promo initiative from Molly and Marie on twitter. They’ve a handy list of radios that you can tweet to but you can also text or call your local radio stations to request The Script. The more the better 🙂 More info here.

Talk about the song on social media

I know I don’t need to encourage you to do that, we do it all the time and believe it or not, it has a great effect on how the song performs. It’s all about numbers baby, the bigger the noise is, the more people will know about it and the more people will fall in love with it of course 🙂

So send us a tweet that summarises No Good In Goodbye for you. I’m gonna include my favourites on the page about the track here. You can use the pre-written tweet here just remember  to finish the sentence lol.


Right, it’s time to collect your points, each an entry to win The Script’s Dublin calendar which is coming together quite nicely if I may say so myself. 🙂

ex 01

Extra point if you unlock a special story about The Script’s beginnings!

If you’d like to read about how The Script started off in 2005, you’ll need a password. The password is the answer to this question:

What was Danny and Mark called in America when they were working around the production circles?

Type your answer here and you can collect an extra point in the challenge before you read the story.

Tip: start ALL words with capital letters and use the space where it’s necessary, e.g. “American Authors” (which is obviously not the correct answer lol)

Extra helpful hint: you can find the answer in last week’s story.

The hardcore challenge

v2Yes, you can still sign up!

If you’d like to test yourself further and earn “The Most Hardcore Fan” title, I’ve designed a very special treasure hunt for you. The person earning the highest points in this part of the game will get an official merchandise up to the value of £20! (Winner’s choice.) It’s not gonna be easy but it’s gonna be the most fun.

The participants of the hardcore challenge will also have their own raffle for another calendar: The Script’s Dublin.

You will need to sign up for that challenge as tasks will ONLY be sent out in an email, you won’t find them online! So click here to sign up.





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