The complete list of gigs

The Script is famous for putting a lot of work and all their hearts into their live performances (no surprise that they’ve won a Meteor Choice Award in Ireland for Best Live Act over U2 in 2010) so I thought I’ll put a list together that would cover all they’ve ever done.

There’s some good info available online so I was able to pull a lot of them – I’m making it available here so that you can comment, correct or just reminiscence about the “Good Ol’ Days”!

Please note, it’s a work in progress and I welcome all information you’ve got!


Some heavy promo work with live gigs to support the first album before release but details are quite difficult to find.

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band red carpet 2008-2009 p3


From Dublin to Tokyo The Script played in 13 countries focusing on the UK and Ireland.

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The Script played a whopping number of shows in 2009, 144 at its current count, most of them in the US supporting Paul McCartney, Adele or the X-factor winner David Cook. They played their first shows in Australia this year as well.

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gig Q answer


With the new album coming out this year the band played 50 gigs mostly in the last quarter of the year. Two third of the gigs were played in their first headlining tour in the US.

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band on stage 2010 olympia


Promoting Science & Faith The Script played in 115 gigs in 20 countries from Ireland to Indonesia.

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danny IYCSMN screenshot on stage crowd aviva


With working on the new album the band only played a handful of gigs this year, mostly in America and some intimate gigs in Ireland and the UK for the release celebrations.

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band on stage lined up 2012


The worldwide Script #3 tour took the band to 20 countries in four continents.

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band on stage 2013 usa2014

Touring America with One Republic, celebrating album release with small gigs and playing at a number of Christmas gigs, this wasn’t a lazy year either.

2014 touring in numbersClick here for the full list.


The No Sound Without Silence tour is truly worldwide from Thailand to Chicago, covering 34 countries.

nsws tourClick here for the full list.

Is there any that you know of that’s not listed above? Make a comment below, on twitter, on facebook or on the submissions page.



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