#TheScriptFamilyTalent: Snapping Geniuses

In progress: the photographers of The Script Family. TMWCBM by tsb picture in my hand

Probably every one of us takes pictures when The Script are around but some do it professionally (or at least make it look professional). I’d like to give you all a big shoutout because photos tell thousands of stories and when it comes to The Script we love each and every one of them. Please, check out the talented photographers and let them know it’s great to have them around!


Agnes, aka The Script Photoblog is the first that comes to mind when we talk about photographers. She’s not only full of creative shots but also her heart comes through in each and every one of them. I’m totally in love with her style! Check her out on facebook, twitter and G+.

 Anjoli Colar

I’ve “discovered” Anjoli this summer when she posted some very unique shots from The Script’s tour with One Republic. She definitely has the eye and the skills, can’t wait to see more! Check her out on twitter and instagram.

 Molly O’Hara

Most of you would know Molly as USAScriptFamily but she also takes some great photos up close and personal at The Script gigs, check them out and make sure you follow her on twitter!

 Check the professional photographers The Script works with regularly here.

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