R for Rodney

Rodney Alejandro, touring keyboardist of The Script, is an American musician, composer, arranger, producer and audio engineer raised in Houston, Texas.

Mark and Danny met Rodney during their years of MyTown at the end of the 90’s. They had a short collaboration and stayed in touch.

“We have a history going back that began in the music business and in the process became a friendship. I was hanging behind the scenes when the lads signed The Script record deal some years ago. I was fortunate enough to live in Dublin with them as they prepared for their debut album.”


For the tour of The Script’s third album, #3, they felt the need for an additional member on stage. As their audience grew, the stage got bigger but the band still wanted to maintain a connection with their fans so Rodney was a natural choice to be invited.

“Needless to say when my phone rang last year, before Mark could finish the sentence I had already agreed.”

Rodney’s resume is impressive, having worked with artists from ay Charles, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Sammy Hagar, En Vogue, T, to Wyclef Jean, Wild Orchid and been nominated for Grammy multiple times for his collaborations with The Temptations, Kumbia Kings and others. He also has composing credits for various FX and CBS TV series including The Shield.

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